X   W O R L D    S H O R T    F I L M    F E S T I V A L


X World Short Film Festival is a Festival for Independent Filmmakers from all over the World, that dare to eXpress their fantasy, creativity and crazy ideas through Films.

If your Short Film produces one or more of the following reactions (in alphabetical order):
"This is crazy!!" 
"Wait! What??!!"
...and if you think that your Film will make the audience feel amazed-excited-thrilled-amused, then this Festival is for you!

We especially love exciting and amazing stories, new themes, unusual points of view, mysteries!
Our purpose is to find, showcase, promote and award such kind of interesting works, made with passion for the art of eXpression, no matter the budget or the technical resources.

X World Short Film Festival is an IMDb-qualifying Festival!

Every submitted Film will be really watched with dedication, to fully respect and honor your art and work.

The Live screening Events and the Awards Celebrations will take place on December 28 and 29 at "Teatro degli Eroi di Roma"

During the two-days Live Events all the Finalist works will be screened and the Artists will have the opportunity to know each other. 

There will be many Films screened because they will have the opportunity to be nominated in many categories! That's why we only accept Films up to 20 min: we want to showcase your exciting works as many as possible!
There will be around 12 hours of screening...

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An amazing news from the great Director of the "Action On Film Megafest" that will take place in Las Vegas next Summer!
Details coming soon...

A beautiful article about the Festival

X World Short Film Festival is an IMDb-qualifying Festival!