Luke Robson: Writer, Producer and Director
Dan Murtagh: Producer
Peter Richards: Producer
Peter Derrick: Producer
Toby Derrick: Key Cast “Dan”
Susie Kazda: Key Cast “Auntie Julie”
Trevor Jamieson: Key Cast “Warragul (Wild Dog)”
Monica Vangeli: Key Cast “Stacey”
Mat Stevenson: Key Cast “Mike”
April Dawson: Key Cast “Angie”
Peter Barbaro: Key Cast “Sergeant”
Tessa Donnithorne: Key Cast “Polly”
Peter Richards: Key Cast “Stewart”
Madi Stevenson: Key Cast “Jess”
Barry Mitchell: Key Cast “Frank”

After a young man king hits an outsider visiting town, it triggers off a spiral of events, twists, and turns, and eventually revels dark secrets within a small community.

Luke Robson

Luke is a multi award winning film maker that has been working in the Film & TV industry for over 20 years. He has also been working as one of Melbourne's most trusted acting tutors for over 15 years.
Luke has written, directed and/or produced over 100 short films, documentaries and plays and has recently moved into feature films.
Luke studied as an actor at Stella Adler in Hollywood in 2000 and has continued to return there regularly to further his knowledge of the craft.