Russ Emanuel: Director and Producer
Troy Gabaldon: Writer and Producer
Sean Gunnell: Key Cast
Michael Ray: Key Cast
Denise Gossett: Key Cast
Jennifer Durst: Key Cast

What happens when a seemingly ordinary priest is confronted by a seemingly ordinary man? While reading the Bible on a particularly windy day, Father Harris is confronted by a tall stranger, one who makes him question his beliefs and motivations. And all in a quest for the truth, however horrifying. Not even a helpful woman can save this priest, who must make a choice. For not all sins can be forgiven.

Russ Emanuel

Having directed name actors such as John Heard, Robert Picardo, William Devane, Jeremy London, Ryan Hurst, and Christian Barber, Russ Emanuel grew up in both Japan and the United States, garnering an international viewpoint of the world throughout his childhood. After graduating from the University of Southern California to study Cinema-Television, International Relations and Japanese, (and gaining more production experience at the UCLA Extension Program), he founded Russem Productions in 2002 in order to promote his short films including HER KNIGHT (2003), the award-winning GIRL WITH GUN (2005), and the documentary RESTORATION OF PARADISE (2014). He also produced several shorts including MAVET (2004), the zombie-flick THE DIARY (2004), the vampire film PERFECT RED (2006), and CULT 11 (2010) and THE MEETING (2013) television series (which he also directed two episodes each). Presently, OCCUPANTS (2015) marks Emanuel's fourth foray into feature filmmaking, after having directed P.J. (2007), CHASING THE GREEN (2009), and THE LEGENDS OF NETHIAH (2012). His current projects are THE ASSASSIN'S APPRENTICE (2017) and COLLAR (2017).