Frida Bruno: Writer and Director
Raffaele Buranelli: Producer
Adriano Giannini: Key Cast
Valentina Cenni: Key Cast

A successful psychotherapist that has lost his wife and daughter few years before, is the author of a novel about what he has learned from his tragic loss. The book is called “The death that doesn’t divide”.
A young woman, charmed by that read, contacts him to start her psychotherapy. This is what is seems. But what is she really after?
In the suspended time of the rigorous psychoanalytical setting a man whose past has broken his life meets a woman whose future is a great unknown.

Frida Bruno

Frida Bruno trained as a theater actress, graduating in the Silvio D’Amico National Academy of Dramatic Art in Rome (with Meeting-study on "A Midsummer Night's Dream", teacher: Luca Ronconi).
For three years he attended the workshops of the European School for the Actor: to name just a few, he worked with Peter Clough and Ken Rea of ​​the Guildhall of Music and Drama in London, with the Academy of Athens: professors Nikos Kalarambus.
Today she continues her studies with teacher Juan Carlos Corazza. She immediately started working with important Directors on the Italian scene, including M.Scaparro, L. De Fusco, G. Dall’Aglio, Memè Perlini, U. Gregoretti. She was Santa Chiara in "The man who saw Saint Francis of Assisi" directed by Krszysztof Zanussi and Colombina in the famous "Pulcinella" interpreted by Massimo Ranieri.

It is thanks to this solid theater formation that she was noticed by television fiction and films Directors. She wore roles both dramatic and closer to comedy, from "Un posto al Sole" to "Il Commissario Rex" , "Don Matteo" La squadra”, “Un medico in famiglia”, "Tequila Bonetti", to name the most known and "Distretto di Polizia 2".
On the big screen we remember "Tu ridi", direction by the Taviani brothers.
She participated in radio projects with A. Sironi and A. Pierfederici and conducted the television show "Chi è di scena", a format for theater lovers.
In 2008 she was the narrator in "Progetto Italia" in San Lorenzo in Lucina in Rome.

Acting teacher and consultant to the scenic movement, since 2000 she has held several acting courses, she has also taken care of the choreography of the TIM 2008 advertising spot. She collaborated with the institute ISia in Florence as a director professor.
In 2012 she wrote the short film 'Butterfly on stone', participating in the Short Film Festival in Cannes.
In 2019 she wrote and directed the short film "The painting behind you" with Adriano Giannini and Valentina Cenni.