Piero Calicchio: Writer, Produceer and Director

"Hold on to this moment. Participate in it. remember it. To see this world. things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, to draw closer, to find each other and to feel, that emotions and stories has captured the mood of our moments."

Piero Calicchio

Creativity, storytelling, visual arts, magical travel experiences – my passion is my work!
As an Creative & Performance Artist my interests and experiences are widely spread, reaching from the film industry, over advertising campaigns, till marketing concepts.
Living in Basel (Switzerland) I am working in different countries all over the globe, wherever my creativity finds inspiration and is needed. Devoted and attracted to film, photography and design, I get inspired through different subjects and activities.

I see it as part of my mission & challenge to create a magical and emotional moment on film or pictures. The camera as a medium of creation always fascinated me very strongly.
As a traveller I am observing the world around me, if near or far, for capturing the most extraordinary moments which our planet has to offer.
From early years on I always have been involved to stand in front of the camera, as an actor or model, whether in film or photographs.
It's my personal purpose and responsibility as a role model and ambassador, to create a deeper meaning with my work, which will evoke peoples emotions and get them excited about my creations.
In addition to my creative work, I launched my own production Brands, Travelmoment & Brandmoment. I have my personal style and preferences, to create a visual language to communicate with the world.