Senén Fernández: Writer, Director and Producer
Norberto Ramos del Val: Producer, Music
Víctor Rivas: Detective
Alba García: Hacker
Javier Longas: Contact
Igor Luna: Bartender
Claudia Molina: Femme Fatale
David Tenreiro: Hunter 1
José Cerós: Hunter 2

The detective directs his steps toward the final resolution, peppered with encounters with weird characters.

Senén Fernández

Born in Madrid (Spain) 1977.
Diploma in Film Direction at Septima Ars School (1998 - 2001).
He has worked in the films "Call TV" (Norberto Ramos del Val, 2017) "El Calentito" (Chus Gutierrez 2004), "Un muerto, seis mujeres y un taller" (TV Movie for Antena 3 directed by Antonio Cuadri 2005) and "Mataharis" (Iciar Bollain 2007). So as in many short films.
As director has made short films "Attitudes" (2000), "We are to support you" (2004), "Lost Days" (2006), "The Deads and the Deafs" (2009), "The Reply" (2011), "Tunnel "(2012), "Dawn" (2013), "Shadow Standing" (2014), "Push the button" (2015), "Priority" (2017) and "Thought Engine" (2019).