- Anaïs Honvault Zborowski
- Bob Fokoua

- Anaïs Honvault Zborowski
- Bob Fokoua

- Anaïs Honvault Zborowski
- Franck Feller
- Xavier Pilloy
- Christian Jannot

Casting stunt:
- Arthur Delapierre
- François Girard
- Marie Jocteur
- Clémence Bouvier
- Alexandre Kharitonov
- Robin Lallart
- Jérémy Margallé
- Joris Martinez
- Quentin Mesguich
- Grégory Nolbas
- Bryan Alves Pereira
- Dylan Peireira

- Aurélien Luzeux

Assistant director:
- Calvin Antheaume

Camera operator:
- Michal Krzywanski
- Marine Jezzi

- Diane Maitre

Minister calls for tender in arder to a future strategic government investissment. He meets two businessmen. They will do everything to obtain the government contract. An unforeseen event will however change the situation...

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Anaïs Honvault Zborowski

Actress, model, high-level sportswoman

She begins not a long ago as a filmmaker.
Perfectionist and passionate. She has received numerous awards as an Athlete and Actress. Today she would like to excel as a Director. "Ascension" is one of her first realizations and her first co-directing film.
She is currently directing a Web Series of humorous sketch that has received a lot of success. So she decided to write a play from her Web Series.

Bob Fokoua

Director and Screenwriter

Bob has already received numerous awards for his films. He has today in post-production a Web Series mand a Short Film.
He is currently looking for producers for his Thriller Series "Cs" in which Anaïs has the main role.