Paul Hart-Wilden: Writer, Producer and Director
Asabi Lee: Writer and Producer
Grayson Brooke: Producer
Meagan Warner: Key Cast (Ash)
Max E. Williams: Key Cast (Barman)
Anna Christensen: Key Cast (Spyder)
Hanh Nguyen: Key Cast (Jade)
Morgan Chancelien: Key Cast (Chance)

Someone is targeting the lost, the lonely and the curious. If you text 'deadme' to the special number it just might be the last thing you do.

Paul Hart-Wilden

Paul Hart-Wilden is an award winning Director, screenwriter and producer.
His last horror/thriller short For Old Time's Sake earned 48 Wins and nominations including awards for Best Horror Short, Best Screenwriting, Best Cinematography, and several Best Actor awards for the cast.