Alessandro Marano: Writer and Director
Carlotta Piraino: Writer
Fabio Meloni: Producer
Sara Mafodda: Key Cast (Arianna)
Cristina Lucci: Key Cast
Simone Destrero: Key Cast
Eliana Nazarro: Key Cast
Antonio Pucillo: Key Cast
Maurizio Sparano: Key Cast
Grazia Contento: Key Cast
AnnaMaria Ciancamerla: Key Cast
Fabio Gerlini: Key Cast

Arianna is about to spend Christmas eve’s dinner with the whole family. But not everything is as sweet as it seems: Arianna’s position is definitely more complicated than what her relatives can imagine. On the one hand she has to keep a secret on the other hand there’s the silence and lack of understanding of the family.

Alessandro Marano

He graduated in "Legal Sciences" at the "University of Roma Tre". In March 2010 he graduated in "Comparative International Law" at the same university. He attended law courses in 2005 and then in 2008 at the "Carlo III" University of Madrid.
The theatrical training began in 2001 by studying acting at the "Jobel Teatro" under the guidance of Lorenzo Cognatti and Marinella Montanari.
In 2008 he graduated from the acting school for professional actors "Action Theater" directed by Cristiano Censi and Isabella del Bianco. He deepens the themes related to the scenic movement with the company "Dynamis teatro" directed by Andrea De Magistris and subsequently studies the principles of Theatrical Biomechanics with Andrea Pangallo and at the "International Center of Theatrical Biomechanics of Mejerchol'd" with the master Gennadi Nikolaevic Bogdanov.
Since 2010 he studies Commedia dell'Arte by attending the workshops of Valeria Campo, Andrea Pangallo, Giangiacomo Colli, Edoardo Nucciatelli. In Madrid, he attended the film interpretation course at the "NAI" center directed by Iñaki Aierra. Subsequently he approached the study on the figure of the Clown in the permanent laboratory held by the master Vladimir Olshansky (cirque du soleis) and with the INCA group (International Network for Culture and Arts) participating in European laboratories and projects in Spain, Turkey and Italy.
He deepens his studies by attending the workshop of "Pedagogy of expression" (based on the mimic method of Orazio Costa) conducted by Professor Gilberto Scaramuzzi, with whom he also follows the Master Class on Luigi Pirandello.
Later, he returned to Madrid where he followed the course of interpretation and analysis of the text held by John Strasberg. As an actor he starred in "Romeo and Juliet", "A Midsummer Night's Dream" and played Arlecchino in the show "Piccola Fantasmagoria" directed by Andrea De Magistris with which he staged "Offended Party", "Le violas", "La unknown ".
Under the direction of Francesca Rizzi, he brings on stage "Da Sofocle to Dario Fo", "La morte della Pizia" and "L’Antigone" while under the direction of Giancarlo Fares he brings on stage "Rien à faire ... Rien à dire". With the director Teresa Pedroni she recites in "Saudades, in memory of Antonio Tabucchi" and "Kafka dream". Participate in the Saludecio Festival with "Once upon a time there was a pilgrim", and "Presences in the ancient street" (Festival Casola Valsenio).
Member of the company "Calinea Teatro" brings on stage "Peter Pan" and "La Fiaba dell'erba I want". As a teacher he has held theater workshops since 2008 at the following primary schools in Rome: "Carlo Collodi", "Tor de Schiavi Comprehensive Institute", "San Giovanni Battista", "Comprehensive Institute D. Sauli Square", "Due October 1870 "," Santa Beatrice "," Madonna della Neve "," Pietro Maffi comprehensive institute ", as well as theatrical training workshops for teachers at the" Democrito "high school in Rome.
Since 2010 he has conducted theater workshops for children, adolescents and adults at the "La Fonte di Castalia" theater and for the "Teatroavista" acting school. Since 2013 he has taken part as a theater trainer in the European projects "Ciak si lavoro" (Zurich), "Ciak si lavoro 2" (Benevento), "Art @ Work" (Rome), "ImmigrAzione" (Switzerland). From 2015 to 2018 he held theater-art therapy workshops at the international foundation "Don Luigi Di Liegro".
As a director he has staged "Next stop Godot", "Mouse trap", "Les Prive du Cabaret", "Ball on the foot" and "Caccia a Bacterius".
In 2019 he started an awareness project with the doctor Fabio Meloni on the topic of eating disorders, writing and directing the short films "Principessa" and "Fuor d'’acqua".