Maria Forslin: Writer, Producer and Director
Henric Wallmark: Writer
Kjell Åhlund: Producer
Isabella Forslin: Key Cast (Anja)
Ludvig Karmalm: Key Cast (Simon)
Ella Dahlberg: Key Cast (Isabella)

A group of teenagers party outside. Anja, a seemingly quiet and shy girl, gets an opportunity (via the game hide-and-seek) to be alone with Simon whose girlfriend Isabella counts.
Alone with each other and bit drunk, they hook up. They reach their climax when Isabella shouts “I’m coming!”

Maria Forslin

Maria Forslin is a director, actress, screenwriter and producer from Sundsvall, Sweden.
She has acted in several short and feature films and she attended Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute in NYC in 2016. In the autumn the same year Maria attended a screenwriting course at Film Västernorrland that lasted a few months.

2016 was also the year when Maria founded her production company Mittfilm which has produced two short films since then, The Clip and Survival. Both of these films are now being screened at different festivals around the world.
In 2017 she started pre-production of Gryning (Break of Day), a feature film which was produced in 2018 and ended post-production in summer 2019.
She wrote the first version in 2011 and has worked on the script ever since.
In fall 2019 she will directed and produced two short films; Hum in Harmony (a horror film with a different kind of theme/twist) and I'm coming! a short romcom.

Maria is extremely ambitious and driven and has an eye for the artistic. In high school, she majored in a media program that included film, photography, graphic design, and audio engineering. She began to write short stories about her own life when she was a teenager.

Maria has written four feature film scripts and several shorts since 2011 and she aims to produce every single one of them.