Natalia Duzhenko: Writer, Producer, Director, Artistic Director
Svyatoslav Samoilenko: Key Cast
Kirill Shapar: DOP
Nadiia Yeromina: Choreographer
Alexey Malyshev: Composer
Ludovico Einaudi: Composer

A captivating exploration into a young man’s journey to find happiness in the arms of his soul mate. An exciting collision of emotions, expressed through the dance and led by the beat of your heart-it’s accentuating the bitter lows of loneliness and the exhilarating highs of passion, romance and love.

What stands in our hero's way? The possibility of getting it wrong, the troubling notion that we never really know what is best for us until we’ve already forged our own path.

Journey to The One isn’t simply a story of seeking true love, but a reflection on our personal struggles to achieve happiness in any way we desire. Struggles, that help us grow even if they aren't our true destination.

Here, the journey is just as significant as the final act.

Natalia Duzhenko

Svyatoslav Samoilenko