Geoffroy Virgery: Writer, Producer and Director
Laure Berneau: Key Cast (Her)
Etienne Faguet: Key Cast (Him)

Two humans try to get out from a infinite desert ...

Geoffroy Virgery

Hello ! I'm Geoffroy and I'm a young french director and producer. I founded a production company call Skywatcher Pictures and I worked on several type of projects, from a feature film produced for the big screen until short films, commercials, fashion films and music video.
I like to ask strange questions in my stories to put the audience in a interrogative position and invite it to feel different atmospheres more than feelings.
Having a great and passionate time with my crew when I direct a film is essential to me because I choose this beautiful job to be creative and having fun.
Besides, I teach cinema classes in a private school to share what I learnt about my experience, I really like it in a human way.