Marek Zalewski: Writer

The Nefertiti figurines, which are the object of gangsters’ interest, get into the wrong hands. Now, the Domino group under the pressure of mafia boss Marlon fights with time to fastly get back lost stuff.

Marek Zalewski

Marek Zalewski is not only a director and screenwriter, but also an actor in his film productions.
In the years 2018-2019 as part of the WILSON and FILMAR groups based on their own. He directed films that were qualified to participate in domestic and foreign film festivals (Poland, Canada, USA, Finland).
His short scripts were received at festivals in Italy, India and USA. Scenarios at two festivals (THE GLOVE, MMA and NEFRETETE - co-author) obtained the titles of their winners: AWARD WINNER, BEST SCREENPLAY AWARD and OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT AWARD.
In addition, the "MMA" and "GLOVE" scenarios were qualified to the finals the prestigious AMERICAN SCREEN WRITERS CONFERENCE competition, whose final is planned for May 2-5, 2020 under the patronage of "guru" American screenwriting by Lion Hunter.
He is also the author of nine scenarios up to 60 seconds commercials and films awarded with distinction (CAVE - Gdańsk 2019) documentary film "SPEAKER".
In his free time he likes to listen to good, timeless music: QUEEN, CAT STEVENS, THE BEATLES, SMOKIE, NAT "KING" COLE, HARRY NILSSON (Midnight cowboy), SEDAKA (Oh, Carol).
His favorite writer is the Nobel Prize winner of the literary prize Patrick White ("VIVISECTION "VOSS").
He likes sport and all physical activity.