Pang Guolin: Producer and Director
Wang Xueqing: Writer
Mo Hexin、Wang Zijian: Photographer
Duan Binhong: Art Director

Chen Yong: Key Cast
Chen Tao: Key Cast

This is a group of people who live towards death. They walk far through the narrow gate and see the glimmer of light.
Behcet's syndrome is a systemic immune system disease, which belongs to vasculitis. It is also called Behcet's disease by more people. This disease can affect many organs of human body, including mouth, skin, eyes, blood vessels, heart, lung and the Shenjing system, and even endanger life.
Some people say that the only thing in the world that doesn't need to work hard is age. But for the Behcet patients, every minute and second is the spoils of their struggle against time.

Pang Guolin