Maria Brenda: Writer, Producer and Director
Binjal Patel: Co-Director

Maria Brenda: Key Cast “Brenna White”
Marina Kostina. Key Cast “Healer”
Marnie Pilgrim. Key Cast “Dr. Silva”
Eddie Torres. Key Cast “Delivery Guy”

Brenna, a thriving screenplay writer was on top of her game. Her work has received various prestigious awards. But one recent life-changing event shook her whole world apart. Brenna is devastated and angry at the circumstances.
One quiet night, the sound of a laptop keyboard startled and woke Brenna up. She was shocked at what she uncovered. She couldn't believe her eyes. Was it a dream or a reality. Brenna is convinced that there is a world out there that is paralleled to ours. She vowed to solve the mystery that she has just unfolded.

Maria Brenda, Binjal Patel