Deon van Rooyen: Writer, Producer and Director
Linda Palmer: Producer and Director
Andrew Onochie: Producer

Herman Gambhir: Key Cast
Brett Wagner: Key Cast

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Civil Disobedience is an anthology streaming series with topics centered around a variety of social issues which have been plaguing the world for decades, and with seemingly no end in sight.
Having been born and raised under Apartheid in South Africa, my entire existence and self worth was codified and evaluated by a group of people based purely on physical appearance. People, mind you, who had no inkling of me as an individual, let alone a human being.
Since becoming an adult, not much has changed other than becoming aware of a myriad of additional groups that have been unfairly singled out for derision.
The Civil Disobedience Series was borne out of a desire to highlight this irrational fear of others. We will endeavor to portray those being marginalized as three dimensional human beings; to give people pause so as not to jump to a learned reaction.
Our ultimate goal is to generate a discussion to enlighten, educate, and hopefully help contribute to a state of acceptance, rather than one of perpetual confrontation.

Deon van Rooyen, Linda Palmer

DEON VAN ROOYEN: Award-winning Writer/Producer/Director. Deon has two produced feature scripts “Life at the Resort” and “Avenged” currently streaming on Amazon Prime.
He has written the screenplay and novel for the “Cat Dexx” franchise, and co-wrote the TV pilot “Wild C.A.T.”
Recently he wrote and co-produced the short film “Intervention,” which deals with the Opioid crisis, and which is currently garnering awards on the film festival circuit.

LINDA PALMER: Award winning Writer/Director/Producer, Linda founded Runaway Productions.
She’s directed and produced feature films TURNOVER, LAST CALL AT MURRAY’S, HALLOWEEN PARTY, and her award winning short films, OUR FATHER, PASSAGE, INTERVENTION, and CAT DEXX: INKOSI which is part of a franchise with partners Deon van Rooyen and Lena Pousette.
She’s also directed, producer the award winning web series, CARBON DATING, and produced and production designed THE WEDDING VIDEO (2009) among other films and many commercials.