Kevin R. Phipps: Director
Vienna Hayden: Writer and Producer
Philip Salvo: Writer
Jay Montalvo: Producer
Allen Valor: Producer

Vienna Hayden: Key Cast “Ally”
Kirk Levingar: Key Cast “Ben”
Jay Montalvo: Key Cast “Handyman Serge”
Edith Britt: Key Cast “Granny”
Aimee Lopano: Key Cast “Cindy”

A junk collecting Granny shows off her latest treasures to her granddaughter and husband on Christmas Day, except they're sex toys and not at all being used for their intended purposes but rather every day ordinary purposes. She also introduces her new Handyman, Serge, to them, thinking he's hanging around to fix up her house. Little does she realize the great impact of her new yard decor and treasures indicating she's a swinger and she has no idea what any of it means but loves the attention that accompanies it.

Vienna Hayden, Kevin R. Phipps