Natalie Fiction: Writer, Producer, Director, Camera Department and Cinematographer
Paola Capellini: Assistant Director
Mateo Cili: 2nd Camera Operator
Alessandro Pilotto: Original Music

Fabiana Lavezzi: Key Cast “Emma”
Alessandro Pilotto: Key Cast “Ivan”
Simone Corsello: Key Cast “Peter”
Elisa Forte: Key Cast “Daria”

What happens to our protagonists is a metaphorical story, that shows life as a consequence of our choices: life is like a recipe with lots of ingredients put together, but it's always us who choose them. They are not always easy to "cook" or find, they may often seem trivial, or on the contrary too hard. Moreover, our true personality always comes into play.
There are those who have more will and tenacity to achieve the goals set; those with strong self-confidence and continuous improvement; those who don't focus on negativity or failures. (IVAN)

There are those who are insecure and believe little in themselves, seek refuge and inspiration in other people, however finds the courage. (EMMA)
There are those who refuse to believe in improvement and always consciously choose the same thing, knowing that it will not bring them any good, worsening their situation day after day. (PETER)

Natalie Fiction

Natalie Fiction (Natalia Lomatska, 6 September 1997) was born in a small town in Ukraine.
From an early age, she was found of photography. When she was 12, she moves to Milan with her mother.
During her studies in high school she worked on many video projects on different topics.
She is a cinematographer and aspiring director.