Micah Ologbenla: Writer, Producer, Director, Editor, Cinematographer, Camera Operator
Montana Cellist: Composer

Micah Ologbenla: Key Cast

The end of an anxiety lead story...
Loneliness Kills.

"I'm a young filmmaker and actor obsessed with the craft. I want to create honest, true, intense, uncompromising art with real heart. I want to create film that critiques perceptions of the world to improve them for the better.. I want to relate to people. I want to help people.

Loneliness is something many of us have or are struggling with.. It can lead to a dangerous fight with anxiety. Without support, it may be a fight fatal.
LONE is my debut film and this is why I made it. It expresses a feeling so many of us can relate to, especially in the present time. Especially in lockdown."
(Micah Ologbenla)

Micah Ologbenla

Micah Ologbenla is a talented and intelligent upcoming actor and filmmaker.
Confident yet humble, Micah definitely has everything it takes, from ability to determination, to make a career for himself in the industry.