Maria Brenda: Writer, Producer and Director
Binjal Patel: Co-Director

Maria Brenda: Key Cast “Luna Doe”
Eddie Torres: Key Cast “Jacob Shaw”
Marnie Pilgrim: Key Cast “Nurse”
Binjal Patel: Key Cast “Warden 1”
Israel Mandrake: Key Cast “Warden 2”

Luna Doe, a dangerous criminal was charged with multiple counts of first-degree murder for killing her unborn twins and is admitted to a mental health facility in Chicago. She was sentenced to life without parole. Jacob Shaw, Luna's appointed defense lawyer was trying to help lessen her sentence. He is fascinated by her case. Jacob staggered in finding out that Luna doesn't exist in the system. He is motivated in finding out his client's real identity. Luna and Jacob find themselves on a journey to finding the truth.

Maria Brenda, Binjal Patel