Dongyue Wang: Director, Cinematographer, Editor
Yue Wu: Director
Yuxin Du: Writer, Continuity
Jiayi Song: Writer
Mingbo Shen: Producer, Cinematographer
Jirui Liu: Editor, Stage Manager
Shanbo Zhang; Editor, Recordist
Yuqing Zhang: Assistant writer, Editor
Huaize Guo: Assistant writer, Editor
Jingyi Tang: Assistant writer
Dian Zhu: Stage Manager
Hanjun Deng: Stage Manager

Jiayi Song: Key Cast “Xiaoxiao Chen”
Yuqi Zhang: Key Cast “Qi Zhang”

Stress-induced psychological illnesses among teenage athletes seem to be neglected for always. However, the highly-competitive sports naturally induce problems.
In One Last Shot, we depicted the story of Chen Xiaoxiao, a talented golf player. She failed one important tournament, and tried to draw support from a time turner, leading to a series of sinful tragic events.
Through her remorseful reflections, Xiaoxiao finally refound her initial intention and love for golf, that her ability and her life should not be determined by the success or failure of one single event.
She learned to cope with pressure with stress, and embrace her future with a tolerant heart and hard work.

The story is adapted from the experience of one of our classmates, a China national level golfer.

Dongyue Wang, Yue Wu