Laurel Adler: Producer and Director
Kealoha Sugiyama: Writer

Kealoha Sugiyama: Key Cast

As told through the eyes of an endearing and lively 82-year-old native Hawaiian, viewers get a glimpse of the true and tragic history of how the sovereign Hawaiian Kingdom was illegally overthrown by the United States, resulting in its people’s loss of their land and heritage.
This entertaining and informative film is a “must watch” for visitors to the islands, and for anyone else who wants to understand and respect the true Hawaii.

Laurel Adler

Laurel Adler founded her film company, Tiny Planet Media in 2009.
She was Executive Producer for the feature film, “Driving by Braille” (2011), and Associate Producer on the children’s film, “Zombeo and Juliecula” (2013).
She has produced numerous award-winning documentaries including, “RAW” (2019) Iron Chain Last Hope (2018), ATOUSA, (2017), The Harder Way, (2016), American Who (2015), Nada’s Gift (2014/2019), SHOSHOLOZA, (2013), and Just Like Us, (2010).

In 2019, Laurel, launched “The NewsFest – True Stories International Film and Writers Festival”, in Las Vegas Nevada. Year two of the Festival will launch in Vegas from August 28 – September 6, 2020. (
In 2019, she launched the first season of the television series, “Midnight Shorts,” a local Los Angeles documentary news series broadcast on KVMD. Televised episodes feature the winning films from “The NewsFest-True Stories” international film festival. Season 2 of “Midnight Shorts” will premiere in November, featuring the 2020 Newsfest-True Stories winners.

Laurel is also a visual effects artist, having worked on several Hallmark Hall of Fame films, including Visual Effects Producer for Hallmark’s 2009 film, “A Dog Named Christmas,” and the independent science fiction film, “Continuity” in 2010. She also worked on two seasons of the AOL web series “Little Women Big Cars” (2012, 2013).