Alice Manieri: Writer, Producer, Director, Composer, Designer
Andrea Mannino: Animator, Character Designer
Luca Passafaro: Animator
Giovanni Saponaro: Composer
Alice Francesco Sabbadini: Composer

This is a corporate/brand Film. School4SID is a school for society Leaders created by tow science researchers and consultants in the European Parliaments.. The film is about Shool4Sid method: how to approach world Complexity and to face the great challenges of our hyper-connected

Alice Manieri

2012-2017: production designer and set designer
2014: bachelor degree, Production design and costume design
2016-2017: storyteller for corporate communication
2018: masters Degree, Science and Design fot Audiovisual Production
2018: Ass. Director for "Topo Tip" serie, Studio Bozzetto.
2019: seminar speaker at CNR (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche)
2019: storyteller for science dissemination projects