Stefano Dallan: Writer, Producer and Director
Giacomo De Bello: Producer

Damiano Piva: Key Cast

Sigmund, a psychology student, wakes up one morning with an unexpected problem: his body is losing pieces.

""Sigmund" is born from a dream. Dreams and movies are deeply linked.
I really hope "Sigmund" will shake you, in good or bad that is not important. It is a declaration of love for cinema, for some kind of movies, for cats. Enjoy it."
(Stefano Dallan)

Stefano Dallan

Stefano was born in 1967 and graduated as architect in Venice.
He has always been fond of cinema and movies.
In 2016 he attended the Master in Screewriting at the University of Padua and since then he worked with "4thwall", a team of young filmmakers working in Padua.
The first short movie based on his screenplay, "Carillon", won the most important movie award in Padova in 2018. In 2019 he founded "Sangre Malo Film" with director Giacomo De Bello.
He has written several screenplays for shorts selected in festivals all over the world: "La Spina" and "Il Tempo che Insegna".
He writed stories and screenplays that became shorts that are part of the horror anthology called "Blood tales".
"Numero 69" and "Eudaimonia" in 2018 (directed by Giacomo de Bello), "Spacca la Testa" in 2019 (directed by Francesco Alino Guerra) and now Sigmund, that is the first movie he writes and directs.