Kirimi Kiage: Writer
Teddy Gitau: Writer
Blake Simpson: Writer

A woman tethered to her ancestors, who she had long misunderstood but not forgotten, is forced to reckon with an experience she can not explain.

Kirimi Kiage, Teddy Gitau, Blake Simpson

Kirimi is a story developer and an unapologetic dreamer from Nairobi, Kenya. He is the co-founder of Nyota Art Gallery. He has worked in various capacities with Liverpool VCT, Kenya Social Ventures and Gaia's Garden. When he is not dabbling in writing or poetry, he works as a youth counselor in Germany.

Teddy is a master translator of ideas into scenes and dialogue, with over 8 years of experience in film, and 6 in script writing. With screenplay credits from FilmAid, Premier Studios, and Project Studio Creations, Teddy has not only applied his craft, but also lectures in script writing at African Digital Media Institute.

Blake was born and raised in Seattle, WA and spent 7 years in East Africa operating Project Studio Creations, and more recently has been working in production and film in Switzerland. He is the owner of Blaked Visuals and one of three founders of the 9NIGHTS film collective.

All three are members of the Kala Sabba Collective which focuses on African storytelling and myth making.