Ashna Sharan: Writer, Producer and Director
Alejandro Solis: Editor
Nilay Ghatlia: Composer for Film
Christa Haxthausen: Composer for Trailer
Cheyann Dillon: Poster Designer

Ashna Sharan: Key Cast “Andrea”
DeAndre Rashard: Key Cast “Dylan”
Jack Zullo: Key Cast “Bernard”
Ivana Grahovac: Key Cast “Kyra”
Ryan Rohtla: Key Cast “Pearson”
Bonnie Jean: Key Cast “Jordan”
Vinita Khilnani: Key Cast “Sonia”
Cheyann Dillon: Key Cast “Candy”
Cassi Schiano: Key Cast “Angel”
Josh Greiveldinger: Key Cast “Romeo”

Andrea is wallowing in her misery after a bad breakup. Meanwhile, DJ Krillz is playing hot new beats in the zoom club world due to COVID-19. Andrea is pushed out of her element and thrown in to the world of zoom clubbing by her best friend, Dylan.

"I remember reading an article about a club in NYC offering virtual access to DJs and I thought this can't be real! But IT IS! I don't know how they did it in real life, but I imagined the idea of a zoom bouncer and decided to make it into a quirky romantic comedy. This is also the largest remote cast I have ever worked with so that was also fun and exciting!" (Ashna Sharan)

Ashna Sharan

Ashna Sharan is a filmmaker based in Los Angeles, CA.
She is actually an actress, but when Hollywood shut down in March 2020, she needed to find a way to stay creative.
She opened her production company, As The Collective LA, in lockdown, and began to learn how to write, direct and produce films.
This is her 8th short film in quarantine, many of the previous ones have won awards in multiple film festivals all over the world.
She always wanted to tell stories that shifted the narrative and included more diverse voices.