Flynn Moores: Writer, Producer and Director
Flynn Moores: Photographer
Flynn Moores: Key Cast

Steve, a British PHD student has been out in the Canadian wilderness researching black bear behaviour before winter hits and hasn't reported back in days.
His Brother Liam charters a helicopter to find him and bring him home when he encounters some strange things in the forest, what happened to Liam's Brother?
And will Liam survive to find out? Set in 1996 this experimental found footage film seeks to create a new spin on a UFO sighting.

"Covid-19 challenged me to move out of my comfort zone and try a new experimental way of film making around the limitations that Covid brought.
This film is stylized to look like a 1996 home video, this brought many dilemmas and problems to solve now that technology as moved on so much since the 90s."
(Flynn Moores)

The Poster

The main image was taken looking up at a tree canopy with a CGI created UFO that has reflections of the canopy reflection from the body.
I used GIMP to edit the poster and Blender to create the UFO, the picture was taken with a Nikon D7100 DSLR and the CGI was made with Blender.

Flynn Moores

Director and Writer, Flynn Moores was born in Wales UK and started his career as an independent film maker at the age of 19, after graduating from college studying media and moving image.
Working in the industry and funding his own films, Flynn is best known for his Feature film "The Conspiracy of Dark Falls".
His signature is as a one man band, Writer, Director, Video editor and Visual effects artist.