Rima Pipoyan: Writer and Director

The "Yel" short dance film is about the struggle of polarities inside a human being and about the reaction she or he may have when faced with all the contrasts of the outer world. And only self-overcoming can give a human being the feeling of victory.

CONCEPT: A crowd sleeps in her…
You can hear the voices of people shouting “Yel” - “Stand-up”.
She steps down without stopping. She seems to be dragging some burdensome thoughts with her and that burden makes her path even harder. She feels the inevitable approach of the upcoming. She is confident with herself but this is only an outer appearance of her. She is hesitant, she is afraid of being erroneous.
A woman who regularly appears in her thoughts is her inner self. Her oppressed freedom is constrained by a polyphony of stones, walls, and pillars. She tries to escape herself, she is alone and defenseless, she wants to be loved. Vain struggle! She continues descending, eventually reaching the final stair and…

"The whole life, the whole world and the universe are in the motion, which is simple and unique, and i will do my best to reveal all these processes in my creations!" (Rima Pipoyan)

Rima Pipoyan

Rima Pipoyan is an Armenian choreographer, director, dancer and dance teacher. She is considered to be one of the pioneers of modern ballet and contemporary dance in Armenia.
In 2017 she has found "Choreography development" educational and cultural foundation aiming to support the development of contemporary dance and modern ballet in Armenia.
Rima Pipoyan has presented her choreographic works in Italy, Spain, Serbia, Croatia, Russia, Belarus, Germany, Poland, Moldova, Georgia, Belgium, Portugal, etc.