Andrew Palmer: Writer,Producer and Director
Graham Misiurak: Writer and Producer

Lindsay Smith: Key Cast “Yuki”
Sean Meldrum: Key Cast “Master Lee”
Peter Frangella: Key Cast “Panda”
Norah Noble: Key Cast “Madesin”
Andrew Palmer: Key Cast “Bernard”

Official Trailer for Yuki vs. Panda

"Yuki vs. Panda is an exciting, action-packed animated series that combines the comedy and teenage drama of "Saved by the Bell" with the elemental power and fantasy story world of "Avatar: The Last Airbender"".(Andrew Palmer)

Andrew Palmer

Andrew Palmer grew up in Oakville, Ontario. He graduated from computer engineering and joined the Directors Guild of Canada to work in TV & Film production.
His interests are in science fiction and politics, with some of his favourite authors being Robert Heinlein, George Orwell, Jacqueline Susann, and Arthur C. Clark.
Andrew's cinematic influences include James Cameron, Christopher Nolan, Ridley Scott, Denis Villenueve, Martin Scorsese, and Richard Linklater.