Jiahui Su: Writer,Producer and Director
Shuai Chen: Director of Photography Junshu Wang: Production Designer

Yiran Li: Key Cast (Lin Qi)

Female director Lin Qi has a marriage crisis with her husband Tian Feng. But she has to direct a new romantic film based on her love story.
She can’t find the status of the character and behaved absent-mindedly during the audition until a young woman Qi Miao appears on the stage.
Qi Miao reminds Lin Qi of her younger self and the memories with Tian Feng.
After the audition, Lin Qi decides to rescue her dying marriage. However…

Jiahui Su

Jiahui SU, female, born on February 12, 1995 in China, is a MFA student at San Francisco State University, Film Department.
Before coming to study in the US, Jiahui graduated from Beijing Film Academy, Department of Literature, where she concentrated on scriptwriting and got her Bachelor's Degree of Arts.