Charly Santagado: Director
Eriel Santagado: Director
Brian Curry: Videographer

Charly Santagado: Key Cast
Eriel Santagado: Key Cast

De-Eschatology is a physical manifestation of the claustrophobic conditions created by the COVID-19 crisis and the yearning to break free from them.
The piece seeks to draw attention to a heightened sense of touch, which directly results from the lack of physical contact many in quarantine face.
The film's trajectory explores the gradual de-escalation of shelter-in-place orders, and its psychological effects.

Charly Santagado, Eriel Santagado

~mignolo dance~ was founded by Charly and Eriel Santagado in 2017. They have been dancing and creating together for more than ten years and use this experience to continue to collaborate with each other and other dancers and artists to create new work that explores elements of various artistic mediums through movement.
The company has had work produced at many festivals including KoDaFe, Dumbo Dance Festival, Triskelion’s SummerFest, Waxworks, Peridance's APEX, and Koresh’s Come Together Dance Festival.
Most recently, their work was produced in HERE Arts Center's Co-op Sublet Series and was presented at Inclined Dance Project's inQuad Split Bill Series at Dixon Place. Their first evening-length work will be produced by Jersey City Theater Center this year.