X   W O R L D    S H O R T    F I L M    F E S T I V A L


X World Short Film Festival is an IMDb-qualifying Festival for Independent Filmmakers from all over the World, that dare to eXpress their fantasy, creativity and crazy ideas through Short Films and Scripts.

If your creation produces one or more of the following reactions (in alphabetical order):
"This is crazy!!" 
"Wait! What??!!"
...and if you think that it will make the audience feel amazed-excited-thrilled-amused, then this Festival is for you!

X World is about exciting and amazing stories, fun intrigues, new themes, unusual points of view, mysteries!
The purpose is to find, showcase, promote and award such kind of interesting works, made with Love and passion for the art of eXpression, no matter the budget or technical resources.

The Festival has been created by an Independent Filmmaker that knows, understands, Loves the world of Independent Filmmaking and knows how it feels like to have one's own work showcased and appreciated!
Every submitted Project is watched (or read) by the Judges with maximum attention and dedication, to fully consider and honor the eXpressive talent and work of all the Artists involved.


The Summer Edition will take place in Las Vegas (Nevada, USA) on July 26-29 at "Brenden Theatres at The Palms".
It will be part of the great and famous AOF MEGAFEST, 16 years historical point of reference for Directors, Actors, Producers, Distributors.
A big Event that includes multiple Festivals, with multi-theatres screenings in a beautiful place, inspiring seminars, exciting parties and interesting opportunities to start new cooperations and friendships.

The Winter Edition will then take place in Rome (Italy) at "Teatro degli Eroi di Roma" (TBA).

GREAT NEWS FOR THE SCREENWRITERS! We just added the Short Script Category with fantastic Prizes offered by InkTip!

3 Special Winners for each season will receive an InkTip Script Listing to promote themselves and their scripts to InkTip’s entire network of producers, managers, and agents.

Companies who are InkTip members include: ABC, Anonymous Content, APA, CBS Films, HBO Films, ICM, Paradigm, Paramount Pictures, Hallmark Channel, FX, Universal, WME, Echo Lake, Zero Gravity, Bad Robot, 20th Century Fox, and many more.
Producers have made more than 393 films from scripts and writers found through InkTip.
InkTip: Where producers go for scripts and writers.

Read more informations inside the Website and on FilmFreeway:

Film Freeway

L A T E S T    N E W S

GREAT NEWS! Submissions are now open for the Vegas Summer Edition at MEGAFEST!
Check the updates and new categories available!

It's Official: the "X World" Winning Films will be admitted to the "ACTION ON FILM MEGAFEST 16TH ANNUAL FILM FESTIVAL AND WRITERS CELEBRATION 2020" at the MEGAFEST (LAS VEGAS)!
A BIG THANK YOU to the MEGAFEST Directors Del Aof Weston and Theresa Weston for this great gift and opportunity!

X World Short Film Festival Film Screening and Awards Celebration - Rome, December 28 and 29, 2019. at Teatro degli Eroi di Roma

Posted by Alex Guarino on Saturday, January 18, 2020